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Toronto's Hottest New Nightclub Starring World Famous Porn Stars

VIP Investor Wanted

Mike Gionet Cell/Text: 647 703 5953

Geo Net Productions Information

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Toronto Is Known For A Lot Of Things But Not Porn, Yet

Putting The Fun In Funding

Guaranteed to be the Hottest and most Exciting Nightclub in downtown Toronto, Geo Net Productions has developed a unique Business Model featuring the world's most famous Porn Stars which has NEVER done before in North America, and only legal in Toronto. Hello, my name is Mike Gionet and I'm a budding new Entrepreneur at 52 and looking for a VIP Investor who thinks outside of the box, and is not intimidated easily.

@VanityFanExpo Event Hosted At Upscale Downtown Toronto Nightclub Bloke Sept.16, 2017

This Tweet from Playboy Model Turned Porn Star Nicolette Shae earned me 183K Impressions on Twitter

The Porn Industry is still worth $4 Billion yearly with most of it owned by one major corporation who's formula has stayed consistant even through the world has evolved. Geo Net Productions and this unique Business Models are completely different. Mike Gionet has not only created this new Business Model, he's Proof Of Concept tested it for years now in nightclubs all over Toronto, and has further inplemented the latest state of the art technology to further push this Business Model to amazing profit potential, with multiple income streams and some 24/7. Having over 3 decades experience in nightclubs and as many years in A/V Tech is essentially the building block for this unique Business concept.

I believe in this, it's about time.

Dale Rechner Co-Ordinator At Junket Productions

An incredibly unique and truly original business idea only comes around every so often, but this Business Model is certain to be downtown Toronto's Hottest Nightclub while giving the Porn Industry a completely beautiful and proud upscale home in Toronto. This would not only benefit Toronto and Canada in numerous ways, it's also able to certify one lucky Canadian Investor a sizable payback very quickly, including VIP Privileges which essentially means partying with Porn Stars, a lot.

This is very serious and legit.

Geo Net Productions is seeking the right Investor/s who can spare $2 Million CAD to invest in Toronto and Canada. This would not be suitable for all Investors, however, the Investor/s with a wild side would love it. The right Investor/s can remain anonymous.

This Business Model is sophicatedly multi-tiered meaning it is fully able to facilitate Toronto's burgeoning Movie Industry equally as well, attracting A-List Celebrities and likewise wealthy clients seeking it's exclusive services. Geo Net Productions is merely offering a slight glimpse into it's capabilities, there's so much more than Porn, more like a Network To The World. The bulk of Toronto's Movie Industry stands to benefit equally as well.

That's fuckin awesome.

Geo Net Productions Owner Mike Gionet
Geo Net Productions CEO and Founder Mike Gionet

Putting Toronto On The Porn Map

Mike Gionet considers himself an Ethical Porn Artist and as such operates quite differently that most Porn Productions with all genres and sexualities represented, embracing the pride of Toronto, as well as utlizing an Ethical Payment Plan that sees Porn Talent receiving Royalties for their work, something unheard of in the Porn Industry. Using the alias Porno Mike, Mike Gionet was the first person ever to shoot Porn at upscale sex club Oasis AquaLounge with Monthly Events he originated still going to this day, and was the first to shoot Porn at other Toronto locations like ClubM4 and Jeanie's, just to name a few.

I'm totally into it.

Mia Malkova Multiple AVN Award Winning Porn Star

Geo Net Productions CEO Mike Gionet and this unique Business Model is slated to offer the Porn Industry opportunities like never before. The influx of Porn Talent and it's millions of fans attracted from all around the world to Toronto should easily entice a worthy VIP Investor. This Business Model stands capable of changing the Porn Industry as it exists today.

Canada's Next Porn Star.com

Geo Net Productions owns many Porn domains with the full intention of offering worldwide sales and distribution licensing and so many avenues of commerce sure to convince any savvy VIP Investor easily.

A healthy Finders Fee of $10,000 is offered for finding Geo Net Productions a VIP to invest in this Business Model. Do you know any wild millionaires?

Mike Gionet
can email you a detailed Business Plan for serious VIP Investors.

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(647) 703 5953

The Business Model Is Confidential And Access To It Signifies Your Knowledge Of Witnessing Intellectual Property That Is Copyright Protected.
Proposed Downtown Toronto Area

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